On the Circlejerk

I'm sure I have thoughts, feelings and ideas in my head that you'd find repulsive, and vice-versa. We aren't meant to sync completely with one another. If the past decade has taught us anything, I'd hope we've learned that attempting to engineer complete ideological and ethical cohesion with one another only leads to dogma and circlejerks which only further polarize and atomize our society. There is no such thing as a perfect moral framework. We all have some things right and some things wrong. Of course certain things can be taken as near-universals, "do unto others"-type axioms, but even these are not designed to be applied in literally 100% of cases. Say, for example, I had a thing for strangers slapping my ass in public. This wouldn't make it okay for me to treat others this way. It's an infinitely complicated many-sided crystal and no one of us has a perfect framework with which to approach it. I feel like the 2010s were a big experiment in this, and I hope we can de-escalate these things before we see even bigger societal problems.